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Lithuania: 3-7 workdays

Australia: 2-5 weeks

Canada: 1-4 weeks

China: 3-6 weeks

France: 1-3 weeks

Russia: 2-4 weeks

United Kingdom: 1-3 weeks

United States: 1-4 weeks

North America: 2-5 weeks

Europe: 1-3 weeks

Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 2-5 weeks

Asia Pacific: 3-5 weeks

Latin America and the Caribbean: 3-5 weeks

When you're here - you're there, when you're there - you're here

€160.00 Regular Price
€112.00Sale Price

Technique: acrylic / canvas.

Format: 50 x 70.


“My parents gave me the name of Asta. For XXL years everyone has been calling me by that name. I had never drawn. I do not know why, perhaps I though I did not know how to do it. But I had always envied and respected those who could draw.

I used to want to sing, but I thought I was not good enough, even though I was a the soloist in my choir. My voice eventually quieted down, but my hands did not, one day they melted into the tangle of my thoughts and started drawing. Since that day I have not been able to stop. Sometimes as soon as I pick up the brush, I already see images on the white canvas, and sometimes, when I start drawing, my hand begins shaping up various signs, strokes or images. Thoughts, reality, dreams – everything tangles up into one ball and starts rolling, you just have to notice it in time and get hold of the end of the thread...“